Meet Brandon Miller

Licensed Home Inspector

Credentials: License Number: OHI.2021003689

Originally from NW Ohio, Brandon is a professional home inspector with extensive history working in residential window cleaning, metal fabrication trades, HVAC, plumbing, landscaping and construction. Serving across all these sectors, Brandon has learned the skills in leadership, teamwork, and organization unique to the real estate, building, and construction industries, and now brings them to bear in his home inspection career to serve clients.

Brandon has built a career based on strong academic merit. He is a graduate of the ASHI School in Columbus, Ohio and passed the National Home Inspection Exam. As if that is not enough tenacity for one person, he has also completed the WDI Training with the Ohio Department of Agriculture Pest Education and possesses an Ohio WDI License. Brandon is well known for his ability to inspire others through his liveliness and hardwork. His commitment and dedication coupled with his ability to work well with a team and by himself with no supervision have enabled him to build a successful career. He is motivated by the desire to become a global expert in his field, always staying on top of his game and striving to be the master of what he does.

A lifelong advocate for health and safety, Brandon loves helping clients make wise informed decisions in their buying process. His strong interest in maintaining healthy environments led him to training as a Certified Mold Assessor from NORMI. He has also added to his skills as a Certified Residential Thermographer with Monroe Infrared and a FAA licensed Drone Pilot. His strong personal and professional skills make him a keen proponent for his clients. Brandon continuously seeks out new ways for enhancing his services for maximum client satisfaction. He is an excellent communicator who keeps clients informed throughout the process.

Brandon’s love for excitement has made him a lively person who is ready to take on daring activities and is not afraid of challenges. He always brings his best self to the task with a positive attitude and a smile in order to get things done. When he is not working, Brandon can be found travelling, hiking, biking, hunting, camping, enjoying nature or studying history and watching documentaries.