1 year New Home Warranty Inspection Checklist

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1 Year New Home Warranty Inspection

The owners of newly constructed homes are advised to have their homes professionally inspected at least 1 month before the builder's warranty expires. This is meant to uncover potential defects inside and outside the house, and in the process provide sufficient time to establish whether the builder is liable for necessary repairs. New construction one year warranty inspection, popularly known as 11th month walk-through, is a very important time for the buyer to consult with the builder on any deficiencies. There is a very big difference between cosmetic defects and habitability issues, thus the need to allow a mechanical contractor and former builder to take you through the new construction one year warranty inspection checklist.

The checklist involves:

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✔ Roof

The roof is one of the principle areas the 11th month walk-through inspects, as it is an integral part of the house; one that can be very expensive to repair if it is not identified in good time. There are multiple issues that this inspection focuses on. Among these include improper installation, roofing mechanical damage, storm damage and loose or unsealed flashing and fasteners. While these concerns may seem obvious, it is very easy for them to escape an untrained or inexperienced eye, thus the need to employ the services of a professional home inspector.

✔ Gutters

The gutters lining the roof of your house are also another area to target for the 11th month inspection, with loose connections and straps, poor-slope causing ponding or damaged perimeter drains, which may result in buildup of hydrostatic pressure on the exterior of foundation being among the most common issues. While the first two are easily identifiable overtime in the course of your stay in the property, there is no need to commit yourself to a cost of repair that you could have avoided, had you brought in expert help in good time

✔ Exterior siding, doors, windows and flashing

Exterior siding is basically the outside walls of the home and may include fiber-cement, which has become a popular exterior siding for homeowners because of its characteristic low maintenance, non-inflammability and termite resistance. Factors like missing or poor flashing details, deteriorated caulking and poor installation practices are some of the things that a professional home inspector can help you evaluate, particularly for when you are not looking to have any repairs done soon. Moreover, being knowledgeable about these factors will help you know the real value of your home.

As concerns the exterior doors and windows, a professional inspector will check whether there is need for operating adjustments, which would have been a result of poor installation practices or settling. The 11th month walk-through will also target in exterior flashing, focusing on the adjustments requisite for addressing damages following a storm.

✔ Decks

The exterior decks should all have good flashing details and the 11th month walk-through will look to see whether there is need for fasteners or bolt adjustments.

✔ Attic

The checklist’s areas to target in the attic seek to determine whether there is proper ventilation, damage framing members, loose baffles and the presence of stains on sheeting from roof leaks.

✔ Interior Finishes

The interior finishes cover an extensive area in the house. In going through this part of the checklist, you will seek to uncover whether there are any defects within the:

  • Walls-ceiling crack joint tape, nail pops and loose corner beads.
  • Inspector will also look for floor manufacturing defects that would most likely be a result of humidity and finally the damages resulting from poor installation practices and mechanical damages that happened in the course of installation.
  • The cabinets and countertops are inspected for mechanical damage during installation, loose hardware; manufacture defects, cracked counters and deteriorated caulking.
  • The interior doors will be inspected for improper installation, and adjustments required as a result of settling, and the presence of loose or damaged trim. Exterior doors will be checked for air leaks, etc.
  • The windows will be investigated for deteriorated caulking, loose trim, air leaks and adjustments needed due to the settling of poor installation.

✔ Mechanical

Mechanicals are another wide area for investigation during your 11th month walk-through, and will explore aspects such as the electrical, plumbing and heating and air of your home with the intention of uncovering whether there is need for any repairs and adjustments before the new home warranty expires.

The electrical inspection will be looking to see whether there are any motor driven appliances not on a dedicated circuit. So an electrical surge will not affect all your electrical accessories and equipment. This inspection will also be looking to find any damaged ground faults circuit interrupters or GFCI’s. It will also determine whether there are any inoperative switches or outlets and also the presence of High breaker temperatures resulting from loose electrical connections within the house.

Plumbing inspections will help you determine and solve any leaking sink traps as well as clogged aerators. It is also meant to look for leaking plumbing connections resulting from improper installation.

Heating and Air Conditioning inspections are also another critical consideration and will seek to identify and solve the presence of excess condensation on refrigerant lines. It will also look to solve leaky humidifiers as well as the leaks within the condensation system within the furnace cabinet.

Our 11th month walk-through service at Home & Commercial Inspections LLC inspects your new home in Columbus Ohio as if it were ours. As with our other inspections, we go above and beyond traditional requirements. We will examine hundreds of components of your new home, paying special attention to details normally covered by a builder warranty.

This will include all the structural elements, electrical and plumbing systems, and major appliances, heating and cooling systems – major components of your home that may be expensive to repair if defects exist. We will also take note of any areas we feel may have potential for future issues. When the inspection is complete, we make sure to provide you a meticulous report, similar to what we provide in our other Central Ohio home inspections. With this report you will have an informative tool to use during conversations with your builders and their representatives. Our report will feature amazing home maintenance tips as well as recommendations targeted at keeping your investments in good condition moving forward.

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New Construction One Year Warranty Inspection for Columbus, Ohio
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 10 reviews
 by Mark Kaschner
Always great! Best New Construction One Year Warranty Inspection for Columbus, Ohio

HC Inspections has been amazing to work with on our new home build. They were professionla in ineractions, extremely effective in terms of the value of there service offerings, and efficient in communications. It's such a relief to know they have our backs through this process.

 by Peter Ricca
5 Stars New Construction One Year Warranty Inspection for Columbus, Ohio

Well, there's a reason there are so many 5 star reviews. Matt was my inspector, super professional and knowledgeable young man. Took his time and was very thorough and also didn't get annoyed as I followed him around and asked him 1,000 annoying questions. Report came back same day and was excellent. Great value, easy communication and scheduling. Top notch company.

 by Siana Talley
Best 5 star New Construction One Year Warranty Inspection for Columbus, Ohio

Great company and highly recommend for inspection needs. Greg completed my inspection thoroughly and also educated me as a first time home buyer. Not only did he perform his job well but he went above and beyond to ensure I had the proper knowledge of all items throughout the house. I know I will always work with the company and specifically request Greg for future inspections.

 by Franco
Recommended 5 Star New Construction One Year Warranty Inspection for Columbus, Ohio

Inspections, LLC. I had the opportunity to work with both Matthew and Greg on the residential side. Both inspectors were an absolute wealth of knowledge, and you can tell just by talking to them that they really enjoy their work. What impressed me most and where I feel these guys go above and beyond, is when they took the time to explain - in a very conversational and easy to understand way - simple maintenance tasks to help us get the most life out of every mechanical in the house, from the HVAC to the garage door opener. My only regret is that we didn't use them for the previous 3 house purchases. Seriously, at the time I'm writing this they have  a 5.0 star rating. Call them.

 by Aiman E Hashmi
High quality, trust and perfection: New Construction One Year Warranty Inspection for Columbus, Ohio

Well, I am here because all my previous experiences with the inspection companies have been troublesome when I went out to search for the one for my in laws house...and today when my son was purchasing his own house so I could not go wrong in any way so my brother's friend knew James and the work of his company and he suggested us to go with him and to my surprise and sheer happiness, we are happiest with his professionalism, punctuality, quality service and above all he went beyond our expectations and made my son's dream home a reality. If you are looking for the trust, quality and perfection then this is the one to go with.

 by Andreina Caballero
Profession and best New Construction One Year Warranty Inspection for Columbus, Ohio

I have to start saying that 5 stars are not enough to tell you that this is the best decision I had taken in a long time. First of all this is my very first house owned with my husband, we have done sacrifices to buy our house, and as everything, we decided to have it inspected since we had zero experience at this matter, so we went into Mr. Google to check the best option and we found James and his team in LLC home & commercial inspections, they were so understanding and made us feel so comfortable asking even the littlest things and telling us little by little all the things we needed to know about our new experience, James is such a great person and is almost like your very own teacher, he explain everything patiently and makes you feel like you are already home, he is so professional and at the same time very welcoming and cozy, also his report came so fast that Took me by surprise when arrived next day in the morning, for real they are the best, and you should think about going anywhere else, I thank my intuition that we went on the best hands. Thank you James!!!

 by Joe Haugen
Exceeded expectations! Best property New Construction One Year Warranty Inspection for Columbus, Ohio

James performed an inspection on a home we are in contract to purchase. He did a very thorough job but also spent time explaining any concerns he saw and what I could do to make improvements. He also took the time to show me how to operate the heat pump heating system as I have never owned one before. Overall, it was as great experience and they exceeded expectations.

 by Michelle Williams
Recommended New Construction One Year Warranty Inspection for Columbus, Ohio

Home is not just a place but a feeling and owning my very first house after working tirelessly made me value it more, I knew it needed safety inspection so I hired James and his company and they just showed up in no time, we talked and discussed and he just by giving a glimpse and then a thorough walk knew what was wrong and what needed improvements. Would definitely suggest others who are wishing to save their homes purchased through hard earned money, he is perfect fit for the job.

 by Tommy Egan Accolades
Best New Construction One Year Warranty Inspection for Columbus, Ohio. Exceeded expectations!

Exceeded our expectations. They inspected for us and did a phenomenal job! The team showed up, early. I don't know many businesses who do that these days. Very professional in their approach, appearance and knowledge of the home. Highly recommend.

 by Dr Lara Zonarick
Highly professional! New Construction One Year Warranty Inspection for Columbus, Ohio

Years ago I had a dream to purchase a house of my own and finally when that day arrived I needed someone to do an inspection and thorough analysis in all aspects of safety and comfort for my stay to be possible in that dream house of mine. This company was suggested by one of my closest friends who had her home inspection done by this genius named James and his magical company, today I sit in my home safe and sound, all credit goes to them, highly professional and understand what they are doing, explain in detail and make you understand value of each thing they suggest to add or subtract.