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Overview of the Company

For thorough and dependable inspections in Ohio, turn to Home & Commercial Inspections. Our company specializes in innovative thermal imaging techniques to evaluate the stability of industrial assets. Owner James Jones is a certified Level II thermographer. Home & Commercial Inspections offers the knowledge and experience to give precise evaluations of any building’s Exterior Insulation Finish Systems (EIFS), thermal problems, or general condition. To find out what we do and how commercial thermal imaging can help you, visit www.hcinspectors.com. To make sure your business property is secure and long-lasting, contact us immediately to arrange for an inspection.

Services Provided

Infrared thermal imaging, also known as thermography, is the process of monitoring a surface’s temperature using a thermal camera. It works well for inspecting and identifying a wide range of outside cladding building issues.

Heat generates infrared light, which lies in the unseen part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Thermal cameras record heat in the same way that a conventional camera records light. By transforming infrared (IR) radiation (heat) into easily comprehensible pictures, inspectors can assess the distribution of surface temperatures.

Using innovative technology, Home & Commercial Inspections offers unrivaled services throughout Ohio for thorough stucco and EIFS exterior cladding inspections. We take great pride in serving the communities of Dayton, Cincinnati, Columbus, and Cleveland, with an emphasis on precision and expertise.

When it comes to solving our clients’ problems, our firm relies on infrared thermal imaging. Our thermal cameras allow us to provide a comprehensive evaluation of surface temperature differences. This not only finds problems before they happen but also lets you be proactive about fixing them. Our innovative thermal imaging solutions help our customers spot irregularities, evaluate patterns, and make smart decisions, thanks to the abundance of data they provide. Clients gain knowledge about their organizational structures and procedures with the help of our company’s thermal imaging solutions, which they can use for routine upkeep, quality assurance, or troubleshooting.

EIFS and Stucco

Stucco and EIFS offer modern alternatives to traditional stucco, with layers of EIFS containing synthetic components, unlike traditional stucco that integrates mesh and natural materials. Used in both residential and commercial construction, EIFS acts as a protective coating for exterior walls.

EIFS stucco, with its advanced multilayered construction, outshines conventional stucco in terms of insulation and durability. It is extensively used in both commercial and residential construction to provide protective coatings for exterior walls.

Problems arise when moisture accumulates between the sheathing and the home’s structure, potentially attracting termites and encouraging mold growth. The barrier EIFS variant, in particular, prevents water seepage into the home, reducing the risk of cladding deterioration and termite infestation. The synthetic composition of EIFS also minimizes the likelihood of mold development in damp environments. Opting for EIFS and stucco techniques can ensure a longer-lasting, better-protected, and more resilient construction, making them a reliable and cutting-edge solution for all your building needs.

Our expertise in infrared stucco and EIFS siding inspections shows how committed we are to delivering a top-notch service. We maintain the highest standards in the industry by using high-tech thermal cameras and having a team of certified Level II thermographers.

The Advantages of an EIFS Inspection

Termites, rot, and mold are less likely to cause damage to a building if inspections are done regularly. Senergy, Dryvit, Parex, and Sto are among the major EIFS manufacturers who recommend regular inspections and maintenance. According to Dryvit® Systems, Inc.’s webpage, you should regularly inspect your building for any signs of developing issues. However, a trained professional’s inspection skills should always take precedence over your own visual examinations.

Home & Commercial Inspections excels in EIFS inspections throughout Ohio, promising thorough examinations that follow industry practices. Customers benefit from our expertise, gaining an advantage in preventing issues like termite infestation, decay, and mold growth that can harm the building’s exterior. Trust our skilled technicians for routine, comprehensive EIFS inspections to prolong your infrastructure’s life and durability.

Commercial Thermal Imaging Services

Explore our Commercial Thermal Imaging page to gain insights into the advantages of our infrared examinations for your commercial property. We offer a comprehensive analysis of the state of the stucco and EIFS exterior cladding, detecting any problems before they worsen.

Since the 1970s, artificial Stucco, also referred to as EIFS, has been used for wall cladding. It is extensively used in various types of buildings, including businesses, homes, and multifamily complexes. Thermography can detect leakage and residual moisture in most types of EIFS cladding. The cladding panels are typically composed of the following elements, arranged in a layered fashion:

Water can seep into the insulating material through a variety of openings, such as cracks, failed sealing connections, or gaps in finishing. Thermography, a method measuring the amount of light reaching a material, can identify trapped moisture. When the assembly is heated by solar energy during the day, moist insulation retains heat longer than dry insulation, which cools down quickly after sundown. Identifying problematic areas on the wall is as simple as outlining the damp spots.

What Makes Home & Commercial Inspections Special?

When it comes to exterior cladding inspections, our expertise shines, particularly in stucco and EIFS.
We use state-of-the-art thermal cameras and employ certified Level II thermographers to ensure accurate and comprehensive inspections.
We deliver our first-rate services to any location in Ohio, including Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Dayton.

Routine infrared EIFS inspection procedures:

We evaluate the EIFS during daylight to ensure it’s in good condition and accurately estimate the building’s footprint.
We use nighttime thermography to inspect EIFS conditions after dark.
We confirm that identified damp areas are properly restored using a pronged dampness meter, a minimally invasive method.
We identify the moist regions and create corresponding maps.
We locate high moisture levels and places where thermographic imaging will be conducted for the upcoming report.
We present visual images, thermograms, a comprehensive overview of the situation, a blueprint showing the dimensions of the building, the precise locations and positions of the thermograms, and suggestions for improvement based on the observed conditions, all as part of the report.

This data will be very helpful for building owners and facility managers for several reasons, including:

In conclusion, infrared EIFS examinations are a great tool for building owners, architects, maintenance engineers, and administrators. These inspections help to optimize the lifespan of EIFS cladding and safeguard building inhabitants, contents, and construction against unfavorable conditions.

We would be happy to put together a proposal for your infrared EIFS inspection. Tell us a little about your building or facilities.

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