Interior Home Inspection

Importance of Interior Home Inspection

Buying a house in Columbus, Ohio is likely one of the largest investments you are ever going to make in your life. Thus you must ensure you are getting value for your buck by learning as much as you can about the property you might be purchasing allowing you to make a more informed decision.

The interior rooms of a house can tell you a lot about it. They can reveal critical structural issues that have managed to go undetected and that can cause you the potential homeowner a lot of money down the line.

It is for this reason, why we at the Home & Commercial Inspections LLC, highly recommend inspecting the interior rooms of any property you are thinking of buying to avoid any surprises down the line.

What to Look for During an Interior Room Inspection

Floor Plan

First things first, walk all the room one-by-one in the property. Are there stains or cracks on the walls? What is their layout? Were they smokers or are those water stains? Did they use candles or is that ghosting. This will give you a feel of the rooms and it gives you a clue on what you are working with. Furthermore knowing and understanding the current condition of the home will help you with your future plans.

Walls, Ceilings, and Floors

This is where things get more interesting. Check your floors, walls, and ceilings. Do they appear plumb and level? Walls, ceilings, and floors that are not level and plumb are a clear sign of bad construction and will be unstable meaning there is a higher chances of structural movement when settling.

An experienced inspector will also investigate the ceiling, walls, and drywall for any cracks which could indicate structural damage. Take a look at the flooring material and ensure it is still in good condition. Check the painting, wall covering, and paneling to see if they are still in good condition. Be especially cautious with paintings and wall covering as they may be used to hide issues that could cause you problems later on. If there is any wood trimming, check to see if it was properly installed and is in good condition. Notate any noticeable cosmetics nail pops, poor joint tape, cracks, and damaged corner beads to ensure proper repairs are conducted.

Door and Windows

Doors and windows get a lot of use in the home. They provide privacy and security all at the same time. Thus during your inspection, you need to take extra care to look through these two. Carefully check that all windows, exterior and interior doors operate easily with no issues and can latch properly to ensure security. See that they fit as they do. Doors and windows that do not fit could be a sign of structural issues.

Careful check the windows to ensure there is no broken glass, broken hardware and sashes painted shut. If any, your inspector will note them down for repairs. Look that all windows and doors have weather stripping to ensure they can accommodate weather changes. Also thoroughly check them for any decay and rot, which indicates that the wood is not protected and thus will need to be fixed. Confirm that your windows and doors have weep holes to prevent any water intrusion into your property.

Electrical Systems

In this day and age, nothing is more frustrating than not having electricity. Thus check that all lights and switches in all interior rooms operate properly. Check what kind of outlets you have in each room and ensure you have an adequate number of three-pronged electrical outlets in each room. Your inspector will test each accessible outlet properly (spot check) to ensure they are working properly and are in good condition.

Heating, Cooling, and Insulation

Check the state of every heating and cooling source in each habitable room. Establish how many there are and if they are functional. Look for evidence of adequate insulation in walls, attics, basements and crawlspaces. Proper insulation will make the property more energy-efficient and requires less heating and cooling.


Now fireplaces may not be found in all interior rooms or properties but they do add a certain charm. If you find yourself lucky enough to have a fireplace in your property’s rooms then a proper inspection is in order. Check the fireplace for any cracking or damaged masonry. These need to be fixed as soon as possible. Look for any stains on the fireplace façade which could be evidence of back-drafting which means that the fireplace waste gases are being dispersed into the house’s interior potentially putting the homeowner at risk. Confirm the damper is operating properly, the flue has been cleaned and is lined to save you any future issues.

At Home & Commercial Inspections LLC, we want to ensure that all homeowners and potential buyers in Columbus, Ohio are living or are moving into the safest environment. Our team of experts has the experience and knowledge to thoroughly evaluate each home interior, going through every detail to ensure we give a definitive home inspection report of the overall health of the house.

Contact Home & Commercial Inspection LLC, Central, Ohio top home inspection team today and have an expert look through your home and give you a detailed report on its health.