About Starting a Franchise With Home and Commercial Inspections

Starting your own business can be rewarding, and many entrepreneurs are proof that the sky's the limit. However, due to the uncertainties that come with it, starting a business can also be challenging. Trial and error can breed fear and eventually capsize dreams as initial investments dwindle with each wrong turn. Some entrepreneurs are fooled into thinking that if they just work harder, their business will succeed. Yet if their efforts are misguided, that just isn’t the case.

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From the earliest of times, an alternative to trial and error has been to partner with someone with proven experience. Apprenticeships have been successfully utilized in many crafts, and as the owner of Home & Commercial Inspections LLC based in Columbus, OH, I am excited that our team is taking this approach as we extend a partnership with you in the lucrative home inspection industry! In doing so, you will maintain the control over your success (and paycheck) but skip the dreaded “trial and error” phase.
The home inspection industry is a profitable, thriving industry with low initial investment and can be run out of a home, which allows for flexibility in the entrepreneur’s schedule as the business doesn’t have to maintain standard hours. Additionally, the home-based business has low overhead as a separate space doesn’t need to be leased.

Questions You May Have

1Why a career in home inspections?

THRIVING INDUSTRY The real estate market is booming right now, and over 80% of all home sales involve a home inspection; therefore, the home inspection industry is thriving as a result.

PROFITABLE INDUSTRY As more and more homes are sold across the nation, the increase for licensed home inspectors is on the rise. Home & Commercial Inspections can guide your successful business start up to the top of your market.

LOW INITIAL INVESTMENT Most people interested in home inspections already have the biggest investment: construction knowledge. There is relatively little initial investment in comparison to most new business opportunities, and once again, most people have a great start in possessing the flashlight, items needed: clipboard, cell phone, computer, iPad, dependable vehicle, sturdy ladder, etc.

HOME-BASED Because of the nature of the home inspection industry, it can easily be run as a home-based business. This allows for flexibility in the entrepreneur’s schedule as the business doesn’t have to maintain standard hours. Additionally, the home-based business has low overhead as a separate space doesn’t need to be leased.

2Why partner with Home & Commercial Inspections LLC?

SUPPORT When you partner with us, you get wrap-around support from our team at all stages: preparing to start up, early stages, growing phase, etc. Since we’ve walked through each of these steps ourselves, like an apprenticeship, we can be by your side so you don’t make the costly mistakes that those without our support make. Self-reliance is the ultimate goal for any business owner, and that goal can be achieved when you lean on the collective wisdom of our team when needed, which will grow your knowledge and eventually your self confidence.

MINIMIZE THE RISK Most entrepreneurs who fail do so because of the lack of proper infrastructure. Their foundation just can’t handle the load, and the business crumbles. Utilizing our foundation, including our recognized name, branding, impeccable reputation, and business model, you can inevitably eliminate the risk, which will reduce the stress for you, your family, and your employees. Why spin your wheels setting up a billing system or trying to figure out how to market and grow your new business when you can skip those painful, non-profitable steps and focus on performing quality home inspections and providing outstanding customer service.

MAXIMIZE YOUR POTENTIAL Our multi-prong approach to home inspections has allowed us to maximize profits as we’ve experienced steady growth. We’ve put together a comprehensive marketing package, which has not only driven sales up, but allowed us to build a solid network of relationships. Two key components that we’re passionate about are our home buyer education courses and realtor professional development courses. Through these two avenues, we get to meet those who ultimately utilize our product and provide them with invaluable information about home inspections. Prospective homeowners place total faith in their home inspector, and we’ve found that as we educate them about the process, they gain confidence in us and seek us out when they’ve found their future home; likewise with real estate agents.

It takes a village to build a village! Join us today, and let’s build it together!

Frequently Asked Questions


1Does this partnership offer training on home inspections?
Yes! Our staff of home inspectors are former home builders and tradesmen who know structures, and they will teach you the systematic, innovative way that a home inspection should be performed.
2 What does support look like with this partnership?
Home and Commercial Inspections LLC wants all of our partners to be successful and uphold our reputation; therefore, all partners receive our quarterly email newsletter with tips and are encouraged to attend our monthly partners webinar. Additionally, partners can reach out via email or by phone with specific questions, and the appropriate staff member will provide individual support.
3Can Home and Commercial Inspections LLC provide marketing tools?
Absolutely! We recognize that brand recognition is crucial to our success, and we provide partners with access to our ​proven branding system, including​ rights to the use of our name and logo.
4How will this partnership help me stand out in my region?
By learning our 500-point inspection process combined with our cutting-edge reports writing delivery, you will stand out in your market and become known for consistently providing thorough inspections.
5Is there a way to drive customers to our business using the Internet?
We have found that the Internet is one key way that customers locate us; therefore, our team will share strategies that will escalate your​ online presence, including our systematic way to attack the ever-changing social media platforms.
6What are some ways to inform my region about the importance of home inspections?
Realtors, buyers and sellers flock to our educational programs. We target real estate agents by offering continuing education programs. It’s a win-win as they get the hours they need for CE, and they recommend us to their clients. Buyers, especially first-time homebuyers learn more about the home inspection process in order to protect their future investment. Additionally, sellers learn how to be proactive by eliminating red flags so potential buyers don’t lose interest. Whether we’re presenting to real estate agents, buyers or sellers, it’s an opportunity to network and gain the audience’s confidence that we’re knowledgeable and perform thorough home inspections. All courses are made available to our partners for use in their region.