How Much is a Home Inspection in Ohio
May 17, 2022
Why Do I Need An Inspection During A 1031 Exchange
February 2, 2023
How Much is a Home Inspection in Ohio
May 17, 2022
Why Do I Need An Inspection During A 1031 Exchange
February 2, 2023

Why Become a Home Inspector in Ohio?

Become a Home Inspector in Ohio

When you become a home inspector in Ohio, you will embark on a rewarding career that can lead to financial stability and personal satisfaction. The reason to become an Ohio home inspector is that this career offers a wide range of opportunities, while still allowing you to work independently with the flexibility you need. Here are a few reasons that may convince you to become a home inspector in Ohio:

The Home Inspections Industry is Thriving

People need homes every day and the industry is thriving. The real estate market is booming right now, and over 80% of all home sales involve a home inspection; therefore, the home inspection industry is thriving as a result.

Earn a High Income as a Home Inspector

Home inspections is a profitable industry. As more and more homes are sold across the nation, the increase for licensed home inspectors is on the rise. Home & Commercial Inspections can guide your successful business start up to the top of your market.

Business Opportunities are Endless

You can start your own home inspections franchise! A home inspection business can provide you with a steady, secure income and the freedom of being your own boss. The benefits are undeniable, but starting your own business is no small undertaking. Trial and error can breed fear and eventually capsize dreams as initial investments dwindle with each wrong turn. Some entrepreneurs are fooled into thinking that if they just work harder, their business will succeed. Yet if their efforts are misguided, that just isn't the case.

It Doesn't Take Much to Become a Home Inspector

You don't need much money to get started! Most people interested in home inspections already have the biggest investment: construction knowledge. There is relatively little initial investment in comparison to most new business opportunities, and once again, most people have a great start in possessing the flashlight, items needed: clipboard, cell phone, computer, iPad, dependable vehicle, sturdy ladder, etc.

You Don't Need an Office

Your headquarters can be your own home! Because of the nature of the home inspection industry, it can easily be run as a home-based business. This allows for flexibility in the entrepreneur’s schedule as the business doesn’t have to maintain standard hours. Additionally, the home-based business has low overhead as a separate space doesn’t need to be leased.

Home Inspector is an Excellent Career Choice

In the state of Ohio, becoming a home inspector is an excellent career choice. This is a growing job market with many opportunities for gainful employment. If you have a passion for home and building structures, then this line of work may be a great fit for you.

Easy to Get Certified as a Home Inspector

You can become a certified home inspector in Ohio by taking the pre licensing course through National Association of Certified Home Inspectors. NACHI is the largest and oldest member organization representing professional home inspectors in North America. We take great pride in our membership qualifications, continuing education requirements and ethical standards.

Your Job Will Not Be Boring!

Becoming a home inspector can help you establish a solid financial foundation. The home inspector career is a change of scenery in the normal every day job. Even if you are calling the shots and able to work from the comfort of your own home, you’ll be able to get out of the office on a daily basis. The consistent change of scenery may be refreshing for someone who likes to switch up their day-to-day routine.

It Does Not Take Long To Become a Home Inspector

You can become a home inspector in just a few months! If you’re considering a career as a home inspector, it’s time for you to learn all about this rewarding profession. We offer a comprehensive training program and top-notch education materials. Within just a few months, you’ll be on the right track toward a successful career as a home inspector.


Low Barrier to Entry

There is a very low barrier to entry in becoming a home inspector. Obviously getting licensed is the hardest part, but to become a home inspector, you only need to be at least 18 years old, have a diploma or GED!  After you complete 80 hours of pre-licensing education, you must then complete 40 hours of field experience or 10 parallel inspections. That's all you need to do to become a home inspector in Ohio!

Get Licensed and Become a Home Inspector Now!

Be sure to download and read: the Ohio home inspectors application. Becoming a home inspector in Ohio is a great career choice for someone with a desire to help others and thrive in the home improvement industry. Home inspectors can conduct home inspections for new homes or existing homes to determine their quality, safety and performance. A home inspector will gather information, interpret it and explain problems or potential problems that may be found while inspecting homes. The inspector is expected to use their skills, knowledge and experience to identify concerns with the property inspected so they may inform the buyer or homeowner of deficiencies or problems. Would you like to become a home inspector? If so, then consider joining our team of home inspectors!

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