Warehouses and Light Industrial Inspection to the ASTM Standard

Industrial building inspections are performed on a wide range of commercial properties, including light manufacturing facilities, warehouses and distribution centers, flex spaces, commercial condominiums, and more.

A commercial property inspector understands that warehouses and light manufacturing facilities are dynamic. They encompass a broad range of production and storage processes, sometimes working around the clock to support continuous manufacturing processes. As a result, they are more vulnerable to unsustainable building and renovation, environmental concerns, and specialized equipment that could degrade a property's state. Therefore, having the physical condition of the building evaluated by a professional inspector is crucial, regardless of the client's goals for the inspection.

The warehouse inspection process is vital in business and shouldn't be overlooked. In addition, warehouses are part of the government's extensive and diverse real estate portfolio in the United States. 

Warehouses are structures used for storage, such as covered sheds, munitions storage, and buildings principally used for storing goods or supplies, as defined by the Federal Real Property Council Guidance on Real Property Inventory Reporting. This can encompass a wide range of structures of different shapes and sizes that are utilized for both long- and short-term storage needs. Consequently, warehouses need extra maintenance and attention.

Warehouses and light manufacturing spaces are very important and delicate facilities that need a lot of care and attention. Many firms, however, still haven't taken this into consideration. As a result, there are a lot of accidents and deaths in these facilities all around the world.

Home & Commercial Inspections Warehouses and Light Industrial Inspection in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana

To inspect your commercial properties, Home & Commercial Inspections will conform to the ASTM Standard and the International Standards of Practice for Inspecting Commercial Properties (ComSOP). ASTM Standard is an accepted inspection guideline. It is a proven technique and system.

Home & Commercial Inspections will do a thorough visual evaluation of the warehouse or light manufacturing facility. The inspection will give the client a list of the building's main systems and components and an assessment of how well they're functioning and their physical condition. These results will show the structure's strengths and potential weaknesses, as well as difficulties with pending maintenance, so the client can:

  • Ensure the structure can accommodate and adapt to a variety of occupations
  • Identify the building's physical condition and its durability
  • Repair the problems that will impact the property from a financial and safety standpoint.

This inspection not only lowers the client's risk but also potentially saves them a lot of money.

We are well-equipped to provide you with information regarding the state of any light manufacturing facilities or warehouse building you are considering.

The exterior and interior of the entire structure are extensively inspected. Offices, bathrooms, and utility spaces are examined for functionality and plant and mechanical parts. Inspections are conducted on the roof, beams, posts, and supporting components. In addition, the components of the distribution system and the incoming electrical supply are examined.

The delivery space, dock, and parking lots are evaluated for efficiency, drainage, and degradation.

Home & Commercial Inspections have examined light manufacturing and warehouses that the buyers planned to keep running as the same type of business, as well as other structures whose usage would change drastically.

The inspection can be designed to meet your needs and financial constraints. For example, larger buildings or properties provide distinct issues depending on the structure type. Therefore, we can inspect every aspect or restrict the inspection to the areas and things that interest you to address these worries and stay within your budget. Let us know what you need.

Importance of Warehouses and Light Industrial Inspection

Property inspection is the best way to document if your warehouse or light manufacturing facility handles situations and equipment safely. 

Before conducting an audit, make a checklist or a plan of action to ensure that the once-complicated evaluation can proceed without issue.

A warehouse and light industrial inspection can result in increased employee productivity, health, efficiency, safety, and of course, trustworthy and reliable service that clients can count on.

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No two commercial property inspections are the same. Every commercial real estate inspection project is unique. Prospective clients can get in touch with home and commercial inspections to discuss their project's requirements and learn more about what to anticipate and how to get ready for a commercial property inspection.

Home & Commercial Inspections inspectors are qualified to evaluate your warehouse or light manufacturing facility. In addition, home and Commercial Inspections can offer a thorough report for factories that make small consumer-oriented goods.