Infrared Thermographic Surveys

Stay ahead of maintenance needs with infrared thermal Inspection services by Home and Commercial Inspections!

Discover Hidden Issues With Infrared Thermal Imaging Inspections

Experience the power of cutting-edge technology with our thermal imaging inspection services. At Home and Commercial Inspections, we harness the latest advancements in thermal imaging technology to provide comprehensive and accurate assessments of your property. Our thermal imaging inspections go beyond the surface, allowing us to detect hidden issues such as moisture intrusion, electrical hotspots, and insulation deficiencies that may not be visible to the naked eye.

With our thermal imaging inspection services, you can gain valuable insights into the condition of your property, helping you make informed decisions about maintenance and repairs. Whether you're a homeowner, real estate agent, or property manager, our thermal imaging inspections can help you identify potential problems early on, saving you time and money in the long run. From detecting leaks and energy inefficiencies to identifying structural issues, our thermal imaging inspections provide a detailed and comprehensive analysis of your property's condition.

Don't wait until problems escalate – schedule a thermal imaging inspection with Home and Commercial Inspections today. Our team of experienced professionals will conduct a thorough assessment of your property using state-of-the-art thermal imaging technology, providing you with peace of mind and confidence in your investment. With our commitment to excellence and attention to detail, you can trust Home and Commercial Inspections to deliver reliable and accurate thermal imaging inspection services tailored to your specific needs.

Commercial Thermal Imagining Inspections

Ensure building Integrity with commercial infrared thermal inspection services

Advanced Infrared Thermal Imaging for Commercial Properties

At Home and Commercial Inspections, we provide comprehensive thermal inspection services tailored to meet the needs of commercial properties in Columbus, Ohio. Our team utilizes advanced thermal imaging technology to detect hidden issues within your building's structure and systems. From identifying insulation deficiencies to pinpointing electrical hotspots, our inspections provide valuable insights that can help prevent costly repairs and downtime.

With our commercial thermal inspection services, property owners and managers can proactively address potential problems before they escalate, ensuring the safety and efficiency of their buildings. Our experienced inspectors are trained to interpret thermal imaging data accurately, allowing them to provide detailed reports and recommendations for addressing any issues found. Whether you're looking to improve energy efficiency, optimize maintenance schedules, or ensure regulatory compliance, our thermal inspections can help you achieve your goals.

Investing in commercial thermal inspections from Home and Commercial Inspections offers peace of mind knowing that your property is in good hands. By detecting issues early and implementing proactive maintenance measures, you can extend the lifespan of your building's systems and infrastructure while minimizing the risk of unexpected breakdowns. With our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, you can trust us to deliver reliable and accurate thermal inspection services for your commercial property.

Aerial Infrared Thermal Imaging Inspection Services

Elevate your property maintenance with aerial thermal Imaging inspection services!

See Beyond the Surface with Aerial Thermal Imaging Inspection Services

Unlock the power of aerial thermal imaging inspections with Home and Commercial Inspections. Our state-of-the-art technology provides a bird's-eye view of your property, revealing hidden issues that traditional inspections might miss. From detecting energy leaks to identifying moisture intrusion, our aerial thermal imaging services offer unparalleled insight into the condition of your property.

With Home and Commercial Inspections, you can trust that our team of skilled professionals will deliver accurate and comprehensive results. Our aerial thermal imaging inspections are conducted with precision and efficiency, saving you time and money in the long run. Whether you're a homeowner, real estate agent, or property manager, our services empower you to make informed decisions about your property's maintenance and repairs.

Don't wait until small problems become big headaches. Partner with Home and Commercial Inspections for aerial thermal imaging inspections that give you the edge in property maintenance and management. Schedule your inspection today and experience the difference our expertise can make.

Inspecting Your Building with Infrared Thermal Technology

Why Choose Home & Commercial Inspections, LLC?

We produce comprehensive, high-quality, detailed, and easy-to-read fully certified infrared inspection reports in Columbus, Ohio. We are Level II IR trained and qualified inspectors, and we’ve scanned thousands of items of electrical equipment with infrared technology.

We inspect schools, hospitals, apartments, universities, hotels, and commercial and industrial facilities in Columbus, Ohio.

Incorporate our findings into your preventative maintenance program or supply your insurance company with a detailed and thorough report from Home & Commercial Inspections, LLC.

What is Infrared Thermal Imaging?

Infrared thermal imaging, often known as thermography, is the process of using a thermal camera to measure temperature fluctuations. Heat gives off infrared light, which is on the part of the electromagnetic spectrum that isn’t visible to the naked eye. Thermal cameras take pictures of heat in the same way a normal camera takes a photo of light. By converting infrared (IR) radiation (heat) into easily decipherable images, inspectors can assess the distribution of temperature on a surface.

Solid barriers such as walls, roof beams, and bulky furniture have no effect on the results of thermal cameras since they disregard the visible light portion of the spectrum.

The results appear as colors. Generally, objects that are lighter in color are warmer, while darker objects are cooler:

  • Purple for cool
  • Red for medium
  • Yellow for hot

What Will Infrared Thermal Imaging Detect?

Non-destructive testing (NDT) with infrared thermography is a powerful method in the commercial and industrial sector in Columbus, Ohio. It’s ideal for inspecting and troubleshooting a variety of building issues, including electrical equipment, roof leaks, moisture incursion, mechanical systems, and energy loss. Anomalies can be detected without the need to knock down walls, puncture ceilings, or put holes in roofs. An inspection can:

  • Find hidden plumbing leaks in walls, ceilings, roofs, and floors
  • Assess your building’s thermal performance
  • Assess the weathertightness of your home
  • Document whether appliances, such as water heaters, range tops, refrigerators, are working
  • Check whether wall and ceiling insulation is missing or damaged
  • Find “HOT” electrical circuits
  • Find insect and vermin locations and infestations (e.g., ants, termites, bees, wasps & rodents)
  • Reveal wet areas hidden by carpet
  • Detect water behind drywall
  • Reveal condensate overflow
  • Detect water in exterior cladding
  • Show up pet toileting areas
  • Find water in walls from leaking windows
  • Detect leaking ductwork
  • Find flue leaks and identify dangerous backdrafts that could cause carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Reveal heat loss from poor weatherstripping, broken seals, structural defects, or air leaking from the ceiling, air conditioning, or heating system
  • Test electrical panels and look for overloaded circuits, old circuit breakers, electrical faults, and overheated electrical equipment.

What Does an Inspection Involve?

Our sensitive infrared cameras will scan the area to detect and record sources of heat. Any areas of concern are identified and labeled right away.

We will thoroughly explain the technology to you, so you can understand exactly how the thermal imaging works. We can also provide follow-up inspections after repairs are done (for an additional fee); however, we cannot offer to make the repairs.

Thermographic Tools

  • Spot radiometer (point radiometer): Measures radiation when pointed at an area. Mostly used for evaluating tools and equipment.
  • Thermal line scanner: Shows radiant temperatures along a line. When the scan is superimposed over a picture of the area, it detects whether temperature is homogeneous.
  • Thermal imaging camera: Produces a two-dimensional thermal image. The most sensitive tool for a home energy audit.

How Do You Process the Images?

We record all our images and save them digitally on site for later analysis. Images may be enhanced to be more easily assessed, adjusting for color, brightness, and contrast. Images are shown alongside a “normal” photo to help you understand the infrared image and identify the problem areas.

All reports are issued as high-resolution, high-quality printouts. We also provide digital copies.

How Do I Prepare for a Thermal Imaging Inspection?

  • Be sure to set your air conditioning or heat to a difference of 20 degrees Fahrenheit (14 degrees Celsius), if possible.
  • Take curtains and drapes down from the windows and move furniture away from exterior walls.

Home Inspections

Our team will check for hidden water in walls, ceilings, and floors from faulty plumbing or window leaks and other sources, as well as evaluate if equipment such as water heaters, range tops, and refrigerators are operating correctly. These have thermal variances that an infrared camera will easily detect.

We also examine whether your home’s walls and ceilings are properly insulated—gaps in insulation show up as cool zones—and whether it is weathertight or has drafts causing heat loss and energy inefficiency.

Our thermal infrared cameras will uncover potentially dangerous faulty electrical circuits in your home. We can also look for insect and rodent infestations—nests of ants, termites, bees, rats, or mice show up as hot zones behind the wall, under the floor, or in the roof.

Thermal Infrared Roof Moisture Survey

Finding moisture or heat loss problems in a roof is an essential factor to consider when assessing maintenance requirements and building value, whether you are an investor, seller, roofing business, or facilities or property manager.

Performing a roof moisture survey means repairs are more cost-effective because you are targeting only the wet and damaged areas, rather than the whole roof. Our report can be sent to your roofing professional who will recommend an appropriate and tactical solution to replace or repair the problem section.

Our detailed and professional reports document any trapped roof moisture, exposing damp areas and revealing defects so you can explore your repair options. Our reports are also used for pre-coating inspections to confirm that roof substrates are dry before being painted or coated—preventing blistering and peeling—and to ensure that warranties are maintained. Roof moisture surveys are also used for prepurchase inspections.

Low-Slope Roof Inspection

In just a few years, some low slope roofs with a modest pitch to allow for drainage can develop issues. An infrared inspection will assess the condition of your roof.

Low slope roofs in Columbus, Ohio, are made up of a structural deck, insulation, and waterproof membrane. Leaks in the membrane and the resulting trapped moisture can be very costly, causing damage and potential failure of the roofing system.

An infrared roof inspection will reveal any damp areas. These areas of concern can then be removed and rebuilt, extending the roof’s life expectancy, saving money, and guaranteeing safety.

How Do Thermal Infrared Roof Scans Work?

When the sun shines on the roof or other surfaces during the day, those substrates then radiate heat back at night in a process called radiational cooling. The heat is retained for longer in areas that have a large wet mass than in those areas that are dry. Infrared imagers detect the heat and reveal any uneven heat dissipation, showing up otherwise invisible problem damp areas.

Because wet insulation’s mass is higher than dry insulation, when the roof cools, areas of wet insulation will stay warmer for longer and are easy to spot with the thermal camera. These areas of moisture are then marked for confirmation or removal.

The time it takes to conduct a survey is determined by the size of the roof and the number of warning signs detected. When conditions are ideal, a scan can last for several hours. The roof must be dry and clear of debris.

Thermal Infrared Electrical Inspection Services

Thermal infrared electrical imaging is perfect for inspecting electrical systems because it is fast, non-invasive, non-destructive, and non-contact.

Regular infrared electrical inspection can check panels, switches, disconnects, motors, bus ducts, and MCC.

How Does an Infrared Electrical Survey Work?

An infrared electrical scan will detect temperature anomalies invisible to the naked eye, picking up problems that can be missed through a purely visual inspection. When equipment is under normal loads, but components show different temperatures, this can indicate an anomaly.

Because of the dangers of arc flash, which can occur when voltage exceeds 480 V, only qualified people should open and seal equipment to take readings. In certain situations, infrared windows can be placed on hard-to-reach or dangerous equipment that requires frequent infrared scans.

Why Perform an Infrared Electrical Survey?

Infrared scans can minimize damage, address and correct safety and operation hazards, prevent downtime, save money, and protect employees.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) advises all commercial and industrial buildings should undergo an infrared survey at least once a year. The General Services Administration (GSA) recommends annual infrared inspections, and many insurance companies also require infrared checks of electrical and mechanical systems.

Infrared Aerial Imaging Using Drones

We’ve made commercial and industrial inspections more effective using drone technology and infrared thermography in Columbus, Ohio.

Drones Map Moisture in Large Roofing Systems

Commercial roofing systems can absorb and trap moisture, causing issues over time. The sun heats the roofing material throughout the day, and as it sets, the roofing material cools. Because of their higher mass, wet regions stay warmer for longer and are easily seen by our infrared imaging.

Many buildings with large roofs, such as shopping centers and shopping malls, universities and schools, and large commercial buildings, have limited access and multiple surfaces, so thermal infrared with an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is a safe and effective way to scan these areas.

Scanning for Anomalies in Solar Panel Systems

An aerial scan can check individual panels and detect overheating cells that hinder system performance.

Safer Inspections of Difficult Structures

Drones are an ideal way to inspect communication towers safely and quickly, eliminating the need for personnel to climb these structures.

Drones can monitor building construction and repairs while avoiding the need for scaffolding, improving safety, and saving time and money.

Bridges can be inspected without diverting traffic or using other costly access.

What Does Thermal Imaging Not Do?

  • Thermal imaging does not “see” through walls—it is not x-ray vision. It is a surface-level inspection that translates heat into the visible spectrum, finding unseen issues which are indicated by heat discrepancies.
  • A thermal imaging device is not a moisture meter. It only detects heat emanating from excess moisture in an area.
  • A thermal imaging scan does not distinguish between normal and abnormal heat fluctuations, such as normal heat from an HVAC system.

Customer Testimonials

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Thermal Imaging Inspection
Average rating:  
 20 reviews
 by Ranique Tedder
Best Columbus, Ohio Thermal Imaging inspection!

Very polite, professional and thorough! Very knowledgeable and didn't make me feel like any question was too much or too dumb. I would recommend to anyone looking for an inspection for any reason! Greg was my inspector and he did an amazing job and if I ever need this done again, definitely would ask for him!

 by Ying Wu
Best Thermal Imaging inspector in Columbus, Ohio!

We requested to work with Greg based on the reviews that we saw and were so glad that we did! He was very responsive via text/phone - on our scheduled day, he showed up early and began inspection right away. His inspection was very thorough and professional. As we walked through the house, he also gave us (as first-time home owners) lots of valuable home maintenance tips. We are recommending Greg and the company to our neighbors and friends, and we will also work with him again for our 11-month warranty inspection!

 by Zach H

Greg was great! Super knowledgeable and very thorough. Spent the time to walk around the property with me and point things out / provide advice on maintaining appliances. Very satisfied!

 by Nolan Kirby
Best Thermal Imaging inspector in Columbus

We were so impressed with James from our previous home inspection a few years ago that we requested him again for our new home. He was great back then and still is now. He’s very thorough and informative and has gone out of his way to our answer questions and provide us additional information. He’s very professional and has a great friendly personality. If we ever need another inspection we’d definitely be calling him again.

 by Olivia Barbour
Best Thermal Imaging inspection in Columbus, Ohio

Very easy process to schedule, and our inspector Greg was amazing. He was able to answer all of our questions and took the time to explain what he was looking for. Overall this was an amazing experience and we would use this service again. the scheduling process was fast, and the inspection was thorough, and the detailed notes after helped make sure nothing was missed.

 by Jordan W
Best Thermal Imaging inspection company in Columbus, Ohio!

Greg was meticulous in his work and made sure to explain issues as we went along. He also provided tips for maintaining our appliances as we are first time homebuyers. He went above and beyond to ensure we knew what we were getting into in our purchase!

 by Kimberly Saunoras-Lane
Best Thermal Imaging inspector in Columbus, Ohio

Tony was wonderful! Extremely thorough in checking out our future condo. Including suggestions of things we can do to secure safety. Our realtor forgot/didn’t add radon test which we specifically asked for and HC Inspections made sure to revisit prior to our deadline to set up the radon test & get the results to us. Much appreciated!!!

 by Becca Anderson
Best Thermal Imaging inspector in Columbus, Ohio

First time home buyer! We had Matt Brown and he was very professional and kind. He took time to answer all of my questions and explain the reasoning for things. Since he knew it was my first time buying a house, he went out of his way to explain the inspection process, break down the severity of issues we uncovered and provided helpful suggestions on how to go about fixing the issues. Would highly recommend Matt and Home & Commercial Inspections LLC!

 by Jessica Morscheck
Best Columbus, Ohio Thermal Imaging inspector

Tony did a great job on the inspection for my new condo purchase. His attention to detail was terrific and he took time to explain items to me in detail, including maintenance issues to be aware of in the future. He answered all of my questions and took time to listen to my concerns. Booking the appointment online was a breeze and the report was very thorough and included clear pictures. I would highly recommend them to anyone, especially those new to homeownership.

 by Heather Trimble
Columbus, Ohio's best Thermal Imaging inspections company

James was extremely personable, knowledgeable, and very detailed oriented. He took the extra time needed to explain all of the issues to ensure I was aware of exactly what was occurring with my home. He identified several issues and actually saved us from a future leak in our brand new roof!! I would recommend Home & Commercial Inspections 100%.

 by Heather Trimble
Columbus, Ohio's best Thermal Imaging inspections company

James was extremely personable, knowledgeable, and very detailed oriented. He took the extra time needed to explain all of the issues to ensure I was aware of exactly what was occurring with my home. He identified several issues and actually saved us from a future leak in our brand new roof!! I would recommend Home & Commercial Inspections 100%.

 by Lacey Stalnaker
Best Thermal Imaging inspector in Columbus, Ohio!

Greg did a wonderful job on our home inspection! His inspection was very thorough and detailed. Additionally, he went above and beyond to ensure that we were knowledgeable as first-time home buyers on important aspects of home maintenance. We received our inspection report same day helping us to make a timely decision. He was friendly, personable, and extremely knowledgeable. From the booking to the services rendered, I would strongly recommend this company.

 by Siana Talley
Best 5 star Thermal Imaging inspector in Columbus, OH

Great company and highly recommend for inspection needs. Greg completed my inspection thoroughly and also educated me as a first time home buyer. Not only did he perform his job well but he went above and beyond to ensure I had the proper knowledge of all items throughout the house. I know I will always work with the company and specifically request Greg for future inspections.

 by Peter Ricca
5 Stars Thermal Imaging inspector in Columbus, OH

Well, there's a reason there are so many 5 star reviews. Matt was my inspector, super professional and knowledgeable young man. Took his time and was very thorough and also didn't get annoyed as I followed him around and asked him 1,000 annoying questions. Report came back same day and was excellent. Great value, easy communication and scheduling. Top notch company.

 by Mark Kaschner
Always great! Best Columbus, OH Thermal Imaging inspector!

HC Inspections has been amazing to work with on our new home build. They were professionla in ineractions, extremely effective in terms of the value of there service offerings, and efficient in communications. It's such a relief to know they have our backs through this process.

 by Franco
Recommended 5 Star Thermal Imaging inspector in Columbus, OH

Inspections, LLC. I had the opportunity to work with both Matthew and Greg on the residential side. Both inspectors were an absolute wealth of knowledge, and you can tell just by talking to them that they really enjoy their work. What impressed me most and where I feel these guys go above and beyond, is when they took the time to explain - in a very conversational and easy to understand way - simple maintenance tasks to help us get the most life out of every mechanical in the house, from the HVAC to the garage door opener. My only regret is that we didn't use them for the previous 3 house purchases. Seriously, at the time I'm writing this they have  a 5.0 star rating. Call them.

 by Joe Haugen
Exceeded expectations! Best Thermal Imaging inspector in Columbus, OH

James performed an inspection on a home we are in contract to purchase. He did a very thorough job but also spent time explaining any concerns he saw and what I could do to make improvements. He also took the time to show me how to operate the heat pump heating system as I have never owned one before. Overall, it was as great experience and they exceeded expectations.

 by Andreina Caballero
Profession and best Thermal Imaging inspector in Columbus. OH

I have to start saying that 5 stars are not enough to tell you that this is the best decision I had taken in a long time. First of all this is my very first house owned with my husband, we have done sacrifices to buy our house, and as everything, we decided to have it inspected since we had zero experience at this matter, so we went into Mr. Google to check the best option and we found James and his team in LLC home & commercial inspections, they were so understanding and made us feel so comfortable asking even the littlest things and telling us little by little all the things we needed to know about our new experience, James is such a great person and is almost like your very own teacher, he explain everything patiently and makes you feel like you are already home, he is so professional and at the same time very welcoming and cozy, also his report came so fast that Took me by surprise when arrived next day in the morning, for real they are the best, and you should think about going anywhere else, I thank my intuition that we went on the best hands. Thank you James!!!

 by Aiman E Hashmi
High quality, trust and perfection means the best Columbus, Ohio Thermal Imaging inspector!

Well, I am here because all my previous experiences with the inspection companies have been troublesome when I went out to search for the one for my in laws house...and today when my son was purchasing his own house so I could not go wrong in any way so my brother's friend knew James and the work of his company and he suggested us to go with him and to my surprise and sheer happiness, we are happiest with his professionalism, punctuality, quality service and above all he went beyond our expectations and made my son's dream home a reality. If you are looking for the trust, quality and perfection then this is the one to go with.

 by Michelle Williams
Recommended Thermal Imaging inspector in Columbus, OH

Home is not just a place but a feeling and owning my very first house after working tirelessly made me value it more, I knew it needed safety inspection so I hired James and his company and they just showed up in no time, we talked and discussed and he just by giving a glimpse and then a thorough walk knew what was wrong and what needed improvements. Would definitely suggest others who are wishing to save their homes purchased through hard earned money, he is perfect fit for the job.