Meet James Jones

Master Residential and Commercial Inspector

Credentials: License Number: OHI.2019004322

The go to person for when you are on the market for a property, James Jones is a master inspector specializing in residential and commercial properties. He is the Founder of Home & Commercial Inspections LLC, an organization established with the principal intention to link buyers and sellers to professionals in the property condition assessment space.

James’ professional journey started in 1998 working in construction. From the humble beginnings of acquiring hands-on experience in HVAC/Refrigeration, residential building and remodeling, he steadily transitioned to commercial construction to become a Sr. Estimator/Project Manager. Tapping from his strong knowledge of the construction industry and his invaluable drive and commitment, James established Home & Commercial Inspections LLC to help people avoid the mistakes that are too easily made when buying real estate. With over 25 years’ experience in the construction industry, James is able to assess a structure that may become your home or business and give you straightforward information.

James’ personal and professional skills make him his clients’ most trusted advisor and consultant for when property investment decisions are concerned. He is a qualified Level II Thermographer, American Society of Home Inspections Certified Inspector, holding a Ohio Inspectors license. With James, you are assured of a professional that works in your best interests. He has spent time as a general contractor, master carpenter and HVAC technician and has the skills as well as the practical experience to provide clients with a thorough property inspection that goes beyond identifying surface level problems.

Serving in his Founder/Owner capacity at Home & Commercial Inspections LLC, James leads a team of industry professionals, all of whom are well versed in areas of residential and commercial construction. The team of experts can assess your dream investment and present you with straightforward information. Not limiting their services to making recommendations for repairs that should be completed prior to residential or commercial purchase, they take the extra initiative to outline the repairs your property is likely to need over the next few years, that way clients can always avoid any surprises and know exactly what to expect.

Cognizant to the fact that purchasing a residential or commercial property is one of the biggest investments one can make, that it can take a lifetime to pay off a mortgage, and that structural repairs can easily cost several months of wages; no one should have to be stuck with a property that is both expensive to pay for and beyond their means to repair. This is James’ motivation towards ensuring that clients have all the right information before making the decision to purchase a home or commercial property.