Pre-Listing Inspections in Ohio

Take charge of the selling process and make everyone’s lives easier with a pre-listing inspection on your Ohio home with Home & Commercial

There is nothing worse than a buyer dictating repairs to the seller during purchase negotiations. By doing a complete home inspection before putting their property on the market, sellers can find and fix any problems early on. This shows the property in a better light to potential buyers and means
sellers can disclose repairs or issues upfront.

Sellers get the most value for their home, and it’s a smoother selling process for everyone.


Focus on fixing any roofing issues to ensure your property looks its best before you list it. Moss growing on the roof, missing flashing that lets water in, loose fasteners that cause leaks, and storm-damaged and worn-out shingles that need attention are all issues that will put prospective buyers off a sale.

If you take care of these problems early, you’ll improve the overall appearance of your home and show buyers it’s been well looked after. When your home is more attractive, it builds trust, and you could get a higher price for your property.

Roof Ridge Fasteners Exposed

Roof Pipe Flashing Damage

Roof Moss


If you want to get the best value from your sale, be aware of some common issues that can turn off potential buyers. Rotted exterior doors, poor grading causing drainage problems, settling concrete pads affecting stability, rotted siding, and openings that can let in water should all be checked carefully and repaired immediately.

Fixing these issues improves how your home looks on the outside so buyers can feel more confident about its overall condition. You could ask for a higher sale price, and the selling process will definitely be smoother. Take care of these common exterior issues upfront, showcase your home in the best way possible, and attract more interested buyers willing to pay top dollar.

Exterior Siding Rot

Exterior Siding Penetration Gap

Cracked Patio


Responsible homeowners must never take fire safety for granted. Before you list your home, you must be sure your chimney is not a fire hazard. An inspection will ensure the basic structure is intact and there are no visible signs of damage and verify there are no obstructions or combustible materials in your chimney that are safety hazards or can affect the efficiency of your fireplace.

Address these issues before listing your home to prevent problems during the inspection process and give buyers confidence in the safety and functionality of the chimney. Plus, you’ll avoid negotiations or delays in the sale process.

Chimney Cracked Masonry Repair

Chimney Masonry Cracked

Chimney Firebox Mortar Missing


Sellers should carefully check the property’s foundation to avoid worrying potential buyers. Common problems such as moisture leaks (indicated by whitish efflorescence on foundation walls), outside grading issues that cause water to run into the foundations, blocked gutters causing water buildup, and standing water near foundation walls (sometimes shown by bulging or cracked walls), should be fixed before the house goes on the market.

Address any previous repairs that haven’t been done properly; unrectified problems will deter buyers. By finding and fixing these issues before listing the property, sellers can show a well-kept home, reassure buyers, and get the best value from the sale.

Bulging Foundation Wall with Cracks

Poor Grading

Foundation Wall Efflorescence

Doors and Windows

If your windows and doors aren’t working properly, it’s likely your property is not the most energy efficient. Doors, windows, and their components wear out over time and show damage. Broken or rotted frames and seals, worn-out screens, and leaky gaskets affect how well windows and doors work, signaling that repairs or replacements might be needed.

If these issues are not addressed, it will look as though the home is uncared for and probably not energy efficient. If you fix window and door problems before listing your property, you’ll make it look comfortable, safe, energy efficient, and more attractive to potential buyers.

Damaged Window Frame

Lost Window Seal

Exterior Door Rot


Electricity is an invisible danger. Before listing your home, prioritize the safety of your property and address any important electrical issues. Common problems to watch for include missing ground fault interrupter (GFI) outlets where needed, electric panels that are too small, broken pins and slots on outlets, outlets that don’t work in certain areas, ungrounded outlets, and distribution breakers in the main panel with double taps. Make sure the switchboard is also thoroughly checked for any safety hazards.

Fixing electrical issues before listing can make the selling process smoother and potentially increase your home’s value.

Double Tapped Circuit Breaker


Electrical Connection Issues


Common plumbing issues can also affect your property’s value and ruin a potential sale. Watch out for improperly installed accordion traps, leaking shower drains, faulty waistline vent caps causing drainage problems, leaking plumbing traps, loose toilet tops, clogged sinks and tubs, and leaking fixtures. Also, take care that your water heater is fully functional and hazard-free.

When you can show buyers that the plumbing has been thoroughly checked and repairs have been completed, you’ll maximize the property’s value and improve the likelihood of a successful sale.

Shower Drain Leak

Substandard Accordian Drain Repair

Sump Pump Inoperable

HVAC Systems


Book a furnace tune-up to ensure your heating system is in optimal shape before your house goes on the market. Make sure the supply and return air temperatures meet the manufacturer’s standards and check for any carbon monoxide leaks.

Fixing issues ahead of time means you can reassure potential buyers that the heating system is in good condition, safe, and ready to use—attention to detail that makes the home more appealing, attracting a better sale price.

A/C Condensing Unit

Make sure your air conditioner is working well; this offers the added value of comfort to potential buyers. Run the condensing unit and check the temperature difference to ensure it meets the manufacturer’s standards. Look for any leaks from condensation points on the evaporator coil and make sure there are no blockages on the exterior coil that could affect performance. Regularly maintain and run the condensing unit during summer to ensure that it’s working properly.

By addressing these common air conditioning problems, you show potential buyers that the property’s cooling system is well-maintained, which can increase interest and appeal when selling.

Furnace Condensation Issues

Obstructed Ductwork


Fixing any interior issues will make your property more appealing to potential buyers. Make sure all appliances are working well and not damaged. Check and repair any interior doors that aren’t working properly, such as those off track or with loose hardware. Simple fixes can make a big difference in how your home looks.

Take care of interior issues before listing, show off a well-maintained, attractive, and inviting home, and boost your chances of selling successfully at a good price.

Incorrect Fire Rating

Loose Hardware

Door Off Track


Ohio is well-known for its high radon levels, posing a significant health risk to residents. Radon is a radioactive gas that seeps into homes through the ground, particularly through basements and crawl spaces.

Testing for radon is a smart move to ensure a smooth real estate transaction. Radon levels can vary widely even within the same neighborhood, so it’s essential to conduct testing to accurately assess the radon concentration in your home. Sharing your radon levels with buyers lets them know if they need to take steps to reduce radon levels once they own the home, and it enables you to look at mitigation options.

Lead-Based Paint

When selling your home, check for the presence of lead-based paint, an ingredient associated with Ohio homes built before 1978. Inspect the interior and exterior of your house for any chipped or damaged paint. It’s necessary to check for lead paint because purchasers who are likely to remodel will be concerned about potential lead poisoning.

Failing to address lead-based paint problems could bring your home sale to an end as potential buyers may simply walk away rather than pay the money to rectify it. Keep your sale smooth and transparent with a lead paint inspection.


Before you market your home, you must check for asbestos, especially if you are thinking about renovating, because asbestos exposure can be life threatening. Buyers may back out of a deal if they learn that asbestos is in the property—if it’s not taken care of before remodeling, it will become an even bigger problem. Since most people aren’t trained or licensed to deal with asbestos safely, there’s a risk they could mistake it for other materials.

Buyers will appreciate being told that any asbestos has been professionally dealt with. This builds trust and shows buyers you’re committed to a safe and responsible sale.


Mold is a health hazard. Get rid of it before you list your home for sale. Check the basement and crawl space for signs of water ingress, moisture, or humidity that can encourage mold. Make sure the attic has proper ventilation (poor airflow also causes mold to develop) and inspect the house for plumbing leaks.

If you take care of mold before you list your home, you show buyers that the property is well-maintained, giving them peace of mind before purchasing. Your property will be more appealing and more valuable on the market.

Mold Under Carpet

Moldy Floor Joist

Basement Mold

Wood-Destroying Insects

Before you place your property on the market, make sure you have eradicated any insects likely to harm wood, including carpenter bees, powder-post beetles, carpenter ants, and termites, replacing any rot or any insect-infested wood. If these problems are not fixed prior to listing, it could make buyers turn away and, consequently, impact the price of your home.

Carpenter Bee Damage

Termite Stud Damage

Remove these invaders that destroy your home’s integrity, so potential buyers will feel more motivated to make an offer. Not only that, but you might also get a higher price.

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